We are launching a new concept of rural hostelry called “Eco-Artisan Hotel” which is based on the awareness of the importance of environmental conservation and in order to develop a sustainable and responsible tourism. From this standpoint the Hotel Humaina established its Environmental Commitment with the following:

  • Installation, in all bathrooms, of informational posters recommending the rational use of water and towels.
  • Use of biodegradable products for cleaning the property.
  • Creating an organic garden that produces natural fruit and vegetables for use in our dishes, in addition to developing our own jams, desserts, etc…
  • For breakfast products will be used in bulk products, in minimized reusable containers (oil, butter, jam, cereals, bread, honey, sugar, juice, etc…)
  • Exhibition and sale of handicrafts.
  • Selection of waste for depositing in different containers for glass, paper, metal and organic.
  • Battery solar panels will be installed for our domestic hot water tank.
  • Use of propane gas as energy for cooking.
  • Installation of a sewage treatment plant for the property.
  • Maintenance and improvement of the environment where the property is located.
  • Creating a botanical walk to see and smell different species.
  • Making leisure activities in natural spaces as well as lectures and courses on environmental issues.
  • Solar panels.